We create disruptive business models that enable direct and tangible value to our customers
We are a consulting and services company focused on providing tangible value to customers using business models that enable our direct participation in client's problems. At the moment we are working on the following solutions

The Data Quality Problem

Organizations across all verticals, big or small, have invested into fairly sophisticated and expensive data-warehousing solutions. But the “value” derived from these data-warehousing solutions is directly a function of the underlying data quality. “Data Quality” issues can manifest themselves as missing information, data with noise, source data integrity or lack of enrichment. Data Quality issues could be caused by poorly designed source controls, lack of effective design of transformation solutions and legacy system migrations.

Data Quality issues could render heavy investments into fairly sophisticated data-warehousing solutions useless. They could cause delayed and substandard analytics that do little to enable effective decision making. In a 2009 Gartner survey, the research firm found that the average organization loses $8.2 million annually from poor-quality data. Further, of the 140 companies surveyed, 22% estimated their annual losses resulting from bad data at $20 million – and 4% put that figure at a staggering $100+ million.

Data Quality issues are caused by a lack of effective Data Management. Data management issues are a result of

  • Many systems and they are not integrated
  • Absence of data governance / master data management
  • Lack of effective design of transformation solutions with data as the last thought
  • Migration of data from Legacy system
  • Large amount of data existing outside of core systems in various forms like spreadsheets, desktop stores, etc. whereby causing multiple versions of truth
  • Lack of control on key data elements

Organizations do attempt to solve these problems using a combination of in-house and market skills. However, the result is patch-up data transformation solutions, jerky operations, people dependency, lots of overheads. In addition, the IT team gets to spend very less time on doing value added Business Intelligence work.

Our DTEC Solution

As part of our Data Management Services, we “enrich”, “clean” and “transform” data, all as a black-box, week-on-week, month-on-month as a completely outsourced service. This journey from acquisition to delivery is enabled by our DTEC (Data Transformation Enrichment & Cleaning) platform, a combination of our industry specific IP and services. Our “platform” model enables our customers to get rid of project managing and resource managing the entire data transformation process, enabling them to invest this time in “value-added-analytics”.

What is the DTEC Appliance?

Our DTEC appliance is a combination of automation, services and specialized tools that we use to transform your raw transaction data through a series of data transformation process steps into clean, enriched data ready to be used by your reporting platforms. The appliance boasts of specialized skills and proprietary software, high degree of automation, experiential learning and productivity enhancement tools. This makes use of the appliance provide a high-degree of predictability, better performance, a personalized experience with a high degree of depth and unmatched value.

Key Features of our Appliance

It is faster at the same time provides a high degree of predictability!

  • We have a clearly defined and robust process for delivery
  • Our appliance includes a rich set of tools that automate large parts of our process as well as provide productivity enhancements to the manual parts.
  • Our appliance not only enables automation, it also provides for experiential learning. This means that with each run, it keeps understanding patterns specific to your organization and automates them.
  • We have a specialized pool of skills that just live and breathe data quality
  • We believe predictability is as important as speed. Our estimation tools and techniques enable us to precisely measure and predict our expected delivery times

It is personalized!

  • We believe in providing a personalized service that is a combination of flexible services and highly adaptable and scalable tools. We provide the best of both worlds ? a software product and pure services.
  • We createinternal enrichment mechanisms by studying your data and feeding it back into our automation routines.
  • Our schema, scripts and our algorithms are highly adaptable. We follow open standards and hence can cater to diverse technology setups.
  • Our Solution is scalable to meet your demands not only in terms of volumes but the breadth of processes we can cover for you. For example, we can embed your third-party data acquisition process as part of our appliance.
  • Our solution is adaptable to unique data integrity issues by proving various matching and balancing algorithms

It provides value!

  • We do not have an upfront consulting engagement with you. We hit the ground running in the first week of working with you.
  • We are specialized in data quality and hence do not propose a standard lifecycle process of requirements, design, build. We do a quick fit assessment tailor our process very quickly and start the cycle immediately.
  • We provide true measure of value by defining and measuring data quality specific KPIs on timeliness, correctness and completeness.
  • We offer a subscription based pricing model that makes us do upfront investment into our client, showing our long-term commitment to the relationship.
  • We are a truly one-stop solution provider for data quality. We believe in outsourcing your problem and not skills.
  • We follow the principle of "Limited touch-points with maximum visibility"
  • We provide a truly end-to-end service and also extensions into reporting and analytics. We also manage third party data relationships on your behalf.

It has depth!

  • We have created industry specific algorithms for each of the data transformation steps including matching, balancing, de-duplication and regex
  • We provide a robust set of enrichment services that enable category mapping and enrichment of master records
  • We have specialized techniques and tools that enable faster normalizing and grouping.
  • We provide very precise metrics working with your experts on all aspects data transformation ? timeliness, correctness and completeness.
  • Our industry-designed operational data stores (ODS) provides for better control and governance of data management with an improved ability to spot the errors as they occur

How does the process work?

We have a clearly defined process framework that outlines the key steps, with clear owners as well as progress measures. This gives the client a very good sense of the expectations in terms of times they need to spend as well as high-degree of predictability.


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The Offshoring Dilemma

In a highly competitive business environment, there is a compelling need to leverage top global talent both from the perspective of tapping expertise and leveraging cost arbitrage. India represents the top choice for this. However, once organizations make the India call, they are not aware of the various outsourcing and offshoring models available to them. Moreover, most published literature on the subject creates a strong bias towards tier 1 outsourcing providers as the default decision. Absence of an effective fit-gap assessment of needs defined in the business case to available models could result in a suboptimum choice and in turn an under leveraged India story.

Our Approach

We help the customer with their India Business Case using a two-step approach. As a first step, we help the customer arrive at a decision on their outsourcing or offshoring strategy via a short consulting exercise. In step two, we work with the customer to implement their strategy by handholding them in setting up their operations in India.

As part of the short consulting engagement, we create awareness about available offshoring and outsourcing models. These could range from a "Virtual Captive"with an outsourcing provider to an "In-House Captive" or even a "Virtual Captive with Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) clause". We then understand the requirements in customer's India Business Case and perform a fit-gap analysis. Based on the analysis, we recommend one of the above approaches or a combination. We also define an India plan for T+6 months.

During the implementation phase, we first work with the customer to detail out their business case and create a three year India budget. We then help the customer to setup their leadership team in India. We handhold the customer in all aspects of operations - regulatory, contracts, compliance, recruitment, real estate, facilities and IT setup. Thereafter we work closely with the customer to initiate the transition process using a well-defined methodology. We also guide the customer on various change management aspects related to the transition process including multi-level stakeholder management.

Our Value Proposition

We create awareness!

  • The first step for outsourcing is getting an awareness of what are the various models. Being a pure-play consulting provider, we provide an unbiased view of the different models with pros and cons within each one of them.
  • Our experience with different players and modelshelps achieve a much more robust and broad-based evaluation of options.
  • We run deep into our evaluation being aware of technical, financial and legal implications of different options
  • We also enable a much broader perspective in making optimum choices since we can cover various facets of the decision making ? regulatory, contractual, human resources, real estate, facilities and IT
  • We make you aware and help you avoid the typical pitfalls while you do your setup. The usual ones include hiring the leadership team, estimating the commitment required from different support departments, infrastructure setup, estimation of legal and statutory clearances
  • We also provide a perspective on the comprehensive cost and interdependencies of setup tasks

We bring everything together and run it with you!

  • We bring in various partners who are masters of their respective areas thus enabling create the ecosystem needed to run your India story.
  • We help you hire your leadership team. Being in the circles, we have the network to bring in the right people in front of you for your evaluation.
  • We have our tool-kit which has been prepared to provide you detailed checklists and guidelines to enable smoothly run your operations and make the right decisions.
  • We help you manage a breadth of stakeholders that need to be dealt with to run your operations ? employees, contractors, partners and regulatory bodies.
  • We hand-hold you till the time your leadership team is comfortable running the show.
  • While we can help establish the base, we also know each area of operations in sufficient detail to weed out non-performing partners or employees.
  • We can bring in perspectives and scenarios upfront that will make you aware of your not only your immediate needs but also your needs as your India presence grows with time.

We know transformation!

  • We have a well-defined process and approach towards transition. The model can be easily tuned to match your objectives which may be tilted towards talent and/or cost.
  • Our approach is also tuned to keep in mind different phases of transition. What we see from experience that the pace of transition changes over time.
  • We can also enable you to help move faster or slow down or sometimes even wind-down based on your success. Again we can bring in all the contractual, regulatory and financial perspectives.
  • We work closely with you on your budgets. Being aware of the market, we can help you with very precise estimates of your costs in India.
  • We have a sound understanding of the change management issues that could crop up during transitions and can help you through that.
  • We also are aware that offshoring/outsourcing involves an on-going management of multiple stakeholders within the company. We work closely with you to help manage that.

We share your risk!

  • We believe in sharing your risks and our pricing model is milestone based
  • The milestones calibrate not only the success criteria but they also calibrate our fees.